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Training trip to the US (NY and Miami); see you as many


I take the chance on this occasion, first time I formally write a post in English, to tell my US based Linkedin contacts that I will be in the US on August 2015 with the following Time Schedule;

-New York 8 to 14 August, I will be attending the SCCE Academy intensive course  getting ready to pass exam and get certified SCCE-I during this year;


I will be in a hotel nearby Times Square and I will have time for meetings both at the early morning or after 20 pm.

-Miami 15 to 18 August, I am very likely to be attending an intensive training on GRC technology by one ultimate top performance Compliance Software firm. I will tell accomodation and availability when finally confirmed.

I thank the company to honour me with this invitation to learn advanced lessons (these you never get by paying) and look forward to both meetings and those coming from this post.

In this frame, I invite my Linkedin contacts based in both NY or Miami to please tell me availability to meet and have a nice chat on all hot topics on the subject, making the Links a bit more real.

I pray you to please make it concise at the time of letting me know the reason for an appointment,